Who Are We?

We are a Greek Restaurant Experience Meant to Shine a True Light of Authenticity to the Greek Culture Here in America


We hear your needs and 

created Atlas from them. 

We strive in bringing the community together to keep our cultures 

alive in America. 


From the food to the live music, our atmosphere brings you to the

islands of Greece. 

Sit back and experience Greece in America.


Our community gardens not only provide our customers fresh ingredients but provide the same quality produce to local food pantries.

Our Story

For as long as Leona can remember, Greece had been a part of her life. Traveling there with her family almost every summer, she was able to spend time with her aunts, uncles, cousins and was able to build experiences that she will always cherish. With a family full of chefs and restaurant owners, Leona has had a lot of exposure to food and has developed a passion for it. Memories of her father teaching her how to bake bread from scratch, her uncle showing her how to make chocolate cake taste like more than just chocolate cake, her grandmother providing such good customer service that her name and restaurant spanned all the way to America.


These memories are what drives Leona and gives her the confidence she has when it comes to food. To her, it is so much more than something we need to eat to stay alive. It is an outlet that brings families together, a way to bring a smile to peoples faces, and also a way to keep someones memory within a family even after they pass. Recipes in her family are always passed down from generation to generation and will continue for years.

So Why Atlas?

Many people factored into the current concept of Atlas. That is what makes Atlas such a community driven concept. What Atlas became through user testing and research is a Greek Outlet; an authentic Greek restaurant that offers authentic meals with ingredients like fruits and vegetables that come from its very own community gardens, a market place stocked with Atlas merchandise and handmade goods from he community, a catering hall and party room for those who want to have authentic Greek Weddings or for those who want to have that destination wedding with out all that distance, and the ability to give back to the community through the large community gardens held to not only produce for the restaurant but for the people of Long Island in need. 

This is why Atlas is so important to not only the Greek community but also to the community who wants to keep culture alive. The ability to not only show the community that their voices and their needs are heard is something most Greek Restaurants don’t do. 

Is atlas the right solution?

This concept was created based off of what the community had asked for. While this concept was first being developed, Leona conducted various face to face interviews to see whether or not others had the same feelings as she did about cultural diffusion within the Greek community. She found out that all of her interviewees wanted to see more from the Greek community. They wanted more Greek experiences that were culturally authentic and inclusive. They also loved the concept of the farm to table aspect within the restaurant. This inspired the community garden aspect of Atlas. The community also asked for a place for purchasing homemade goods and Greek merchandise. They also wanted to experience live music while they had their meals. Almost all of the various aspects of this concepts were inspired by the interview process. This is why this concept ties so closely to the community.

Our Prototypes

The Restaurant

While our locations are still under construction, take a look at what you can expect from your Atlas restaurant. 

Here are two types of models. The first is a 3D printed model hand painted. This model is to show the layout and color patterns. 

A digital model was also created to help visualize more of those details you can expect to see and enjoy at your first Atlas experience. 

While some aspects may be different in both models, our vision is the same in providing an authentic experience

The 3D Model

After learning how to use a 3D model program, the first model was sketched out. After three preliminary prints of the layout, my printer spent approximately 36 to 48 hours printing the final prototype. The size of this model is 12in x 12in X 5 in and comes with three detachable layers (roof, second floor, and first floor). After the print was done, all the rooms were assembled and painted with acrylic paints. 

The Digital Model

Once the 3D model was complete, Leona felt that she needed another prototype to really distinguish the style and interior aesthetic of Atlas. 

The website

Through our website, you can learn about our restaurant, the community gardens, plan a catering party, and purchase Atlas merchandise.

While we believe in the importance of connecting the community, we want you to have a first hand look at what our brand is. 

The Menu

We believe that our menu should offer nothing but authenticity. Our fresh ingredients ensure that the dishes provided bring you straight to Greece's oceanside taverna's.

Our Applications

The posters

These posters will be displayed in various establishments throughout Long Island as well as on social media. These posters will be created in this layout and about all aspects of Atlas including the catering hall and the marketplace. 

The Vouchers

This voucher will be sent out to the community as an incentive to raise awareness of Atlas's opening. Various other vouchers will be sent out periodically as customers sign up for them at the marketplace's checkout. 

The ads

Atlas will send out various advertisements through print agencies such as magazine publishers to increase brand awareness.


Magazine ads will focus on a similar design layout as the posters. 

Social media ads will be focused primarily on photography. Whether it be the food Atlas offers or the new merchandise stocked in the market place, the community will be able to keep in touch with the brand by following. 

The expo Booth

The promotional Material

T-shirt design for market

Table coaster

Atlas tote bag

Button giveaway

Candy giveaway

Chocolate giveaway

Candy giveaway

Sticker giveaway

Sticker giveaway

Sticker giveaway

Sticker giveaway

The Senior Book

Table Settings
Greek Salad
Greek Salad
Greek Salad
Greek Salad

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